Friday, February 24, 2017

Texting While Driving - It's Not Worth It

Texting while driving is a serious problem on America's roads. Seventy-one percent of young people say they have sent a text while driving. As a result, thousands of people die every year in crashes related to distracted driving.

(Extra tidbit:  It's not just the young drivers)

Area Command Operation and Areas

"Tell me more about who works in each Area Command, and what area am I in!"

The Area Command philosophy divides the City into four areas, each of which will include single and multi family residential areas, commercial areas, and schools. An assigned Sergeant, and a Team normally including one Corporal, and one or more Officers, and utilizing various units within the department such as Traffic and Detectives, will be responsible for a geographic area and also to coordinate responses with other geographic teams to address long-term issues impacting the quality of lives of those who live, work and visit our community.


Below you will find a general description that outlines the various areas.  Each area has a webpage with a map to help facilitate identifying the area in which you live, work or have a question or concern about.  Each area has an email forward which will reach each of its team members, in addition to that Area Commander’s telephone number.

Check the page for the Area Command which corresponds with the area number in which you have an interest.

Area One – This is generally the west side of the City, including Old Town West, Old Town East, Oak Middle School and Los Alamitos High School, and the commercial areas surrounding these neighborhoods.

Area Two – This is generally the north and northeast side of the City, including College Park North, Greenbrook, the central portion of Apartment Row, McAuliffe Middle School and Los Alamitos Elementary School, and the commercial areas surrounding these neighborhoods.

Area Three – This is generally the southwest side of the City, including The Rossmoor Highlands, Old Dutch Haven, Suburbia, the west portion of Apartment Row, Los Alamitos Medical Center, and the commercial areas surrounding these neighborhoods.

Area Four – This is generally the southeast side of the City, including Carrier Row, New Dutch Haven, the east portion of Apartment Row, the Joint Forces Training Base, and the commercial areas surrounding these neighborhoods.

Area Command Introduction

Thursday, February 23, 2017

CHP - Officer Lucas Chellew

Once again it is with a heavy heart that the men and women of the Los Alamitos Police Department mourn the loss of a police officer killed in the line of duty. 

Rest in Peace California Highway Patrol Officer Lucas Chellew. Never Forget!!!!

CERT Class Coming

Are you prepared for an earthquake or other natural disaster?  Can you be a resource to your family and neighborhood when first responders are up to 5 to 7 days from responding?  West County CERT will be hosting their next class April 7, 8 and 14, 15 at the Joint Forces Training Base.  Contact Corporal Stacy Smith at 562-431-2255 ext 445 or for further details. 

To register, go to the link below or email

Weekly Crime Summary

The new Weekly Crime Summary is available for February 12 - February 18, 2017.

The most recent Weekly Crime Summaries will be listed on the homepage of our website,

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Area Command in Los Al

Did you know that if you have ongoing quality of life issue that there is a Police supervisor assigned to each area of the City to address or coordinate a response?  Did you know that if you keep noticing a person, car, or house associated with suspicious activity that there is a team of officers for each area who can focus on long-term problem solving strategies to address a situation?  Did you know there is a point of contact for each neighborhood and commercial complex that is interested in crime prevention or disaster preparation?  
In the following days and weeks, we'll introduce more aspects of Los Al PD's Area Command and other services provided to the community.  You will get to know some of the Team's, their areas, and how to contact them.  We look forward to being your partner in keeping Los Alamitos a great place to live, work and visit.
Remember though, if there is a crime occurring now or you need to speak with an officer immediately please dial 9-1-1 in an emergency or (562) 594-7232 for our 24-Hours Police Dispatch Center.  Have a safe day and check back soon for more information.

Area Command Philosophy:
Area Command is an operational philosophy that is organized to address quality of life issues for residents and businesses, over a long-term basis. The objective is to provide a single point of contact for concerns including crime, traffic and other issues that may have an adverse impact on our stakeholders. The theory of the Area Command philosophy is that through more direct communication, accountability, professional responsibility, and strategic utilization of our resources, an Area Command philosophy will provide more enhanced community policing activities. The Area Command is not a replacement of our current patrol services or the community policing activities that occur on a day-to-day basis.
Reports of crimes and activity the police needs to be aware of and address and are occurring now or recently, should all be directed to our dispatch center.  Emergencies should be reported to 9-1-1, and all other calls for service should be reported to our 24-hour dispatch number, (562) 594-7232. 
The Area Command model adds to the day-to-day community policing activities conducted by officers while working their patrol and detective assignments. The Area Command model enables a more granular control of responsibility by incorporating all four patrol sergeants into the model, allowing a geographically narrow scope of monitoring and control of problem solving activities.

For more information, see our Area Command Introduction


Avoid Being a Victim of an Auto Related Property Crime 

Lock It:  Always lock your vehicle, even if you are leaving it for a short time.

Hide It:  If you must leave valuables in the vehicle, hide them completely from plain sight.  Preferably hide them in your trunk and before you arrive at your destination.

Keep It:  Keep your valuables with you, or keep them at home.

Common items stolen from vehicles:
  1. GPS Devices
  2. Mobile phones & chargers
  3. Money
  4. Stereos & radios & music players
  5. Mail, checks, and other documents with identifying information

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Avoiding Fraud

Unsure about an offer too good to be true?  Did you meet someone who is promising money in exchange for assistance now?  Is someone calling and saying you owe money you don’t recall receiving, and wanting you to pay it back in non-traditional ways?

Before handing over your hard-earned money, seek guidance from a trusted friend or family member or from the police department because these likely are scams.

Here are 10Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud, courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission.

In an Emergency, dial 9-1-1
For 24-Hour Police Calls for Service in the City of Los Alamitos, dial (562) 594-7232
For Police Business Services in the City of Los Alamitos, dial (562) 431-2255 ext. 402

The Right Car Seat

Car crashes are a leading killer of kids.  Are yours in the right car seat?  Don't think you know?  Now you will know - More Info Here!

Courtesy of the CA DMV

Monday, February 20, 2017

Whittier Police Department - Officer Killed, Another Injured On-Duty

It is with a heavy heart we mourn the loss of a veteran Whittier Police Department officer.  

Rest In Peace sir! You will not be forgotten.

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